About Abridged Psychology

Abridged Psychology was started by Laura Bonomo as a sole practitioner's office in 1996. Through the years, poor social support, feelings of isolation and a lack of personal purpose were common complaints expressed to Dr. Bonomo by her individual clients. She noted that almost unfailingly as clients became more social, they reported feeling happier, seemed more open to new experiences and appeared more effective at coping with their anxiety issues. 

By combining sound cognitive -behavioral practices with group work, Dr. Bonomo realized she could help decrease clients' social anxieties, increase their social confidence and better aid them in creating their own social networks. By the further addition of  Parent Companion groups to the children's social skills groups, parents could be used as social coaches and increase the probability of the children using their newly learned skills in their daily lives. This was the genesis of Abridged Psychology, PLLC, the introduction of group work into Bonomo's practice and her shift from a sole practitioner to a multi-clinician model. 

Current day, Abridged Psychology, PLLC is an empirically based, cognitive-behavioral counseling practice. We specialize in anxiety based disorders and offer individual and group counseling for both children and adults.

Laura Bonomo (nee Cohen), Ph.D.- Psychologist/Founder

A licensed Psychologist, Dr. Bonomo has spent the past twenty years helping children and adults identify and overcome the self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that block them from achieving their goals. 

Dr. Bonomo earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Hofstra University, is a certified School Psychologist and has a Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. She achieved Associate Fellow status at the Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, where she received direct supervision from the late Dr. Albert Ellis (the founder of REBT).


 Jana Meyers, MS - Mental Health Counselor

Creating a safe environment for clients to discuss and work on their personal conflicts and challenges is a skill Jana Meyers excels at.  Meyers  effectively combines her client-centered approach with cognitive behavioral techniques to maximize client progress.

Jana earned a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Queens College. In the last few years, she has worked with many different populations of clients and has facilitated a number of different types of groups for clients of all ages. At Abridged Psychology Jana tends to see individual clients and often leads the Social Survival Skills groups for children and teens. 

Salina Barnao, LMSW - Licensed Social Worker

Salina Barnao is passionate about group work and the power of support it adds to the counseling process. A licensed social worker with a concentration in family and child welfare, Salina has effectively led therapeutic and support type groups for adults, teens and children across a variety of contexts. 

In addition to seeing individual clients, Salina often facilitates the parent component of our Social Survival Skills Groups. Her low key style and knowledge of community services makes her a valuable client resource. Salina earned her MSW from Long Island University, C.W. Post.

Victoria Considine - Billing Supervisor

Victoria has been with Abridged Psychology from it's beginning. She is responsible for authorizations, billing and payments. Victoria's sense of humor, persistence and organizational skills make her an excellent liaison to both our clients and the insurance companies.

Sonam Kapoor, BS- Business/Mktg. Consultant

 Sonam originally started out as a clinical intern at Abridged Psychology. Recently her interests have broadened and she is currently pursing an MBA degree from Adelphi University, specializing in in research, marketing and finance. Although she has assumed a new position with us, Sonam's intellect and insights continue to make her a valuable member of our team. 

Serena Bonomo - Psychology Intern

Serena, a junior at New York University, is back for a second year interning at Abridged Psychology. During the week she can be found assisting with our Social Survival Skills groups and on school vacations assisting in the office. Serena has a strong interest in neuropsychology research. 
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